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Medical Indemnity
Alternative & Complementary Therapists

alternative therapy

Alternative & Complementary therapy is becoming increasingly popular, alongside this, the amount of claims is also rising. Protecting yourself is as important as protecting your clients and patients.

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Paramedics &
First Aiders

Paramedics cover

Paramedics and First Aiders put themselves at high risk from mistakes, errors, moving patients and public attacks. Its highly recommended that you as a business protect yourself as well as your patients.

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Dieticians &

Dieticians protection

Dietitians are experts in nutrition and food, health and well being.  Professional  Insurance Agents are able to provide unique online quotes for Dietitians and Nutritionists insurance cover at competitive prices.

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All Other

Medical indemnity Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance cover protects you as well as your patients. You can depend on our experience and reputation to find you the best policy  that works best for you. Compare quotes side by side to find the best deal for you.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance  Cover

Medical indemnity cover is essential in todays fast moving environment as the potential for errors in the performance of services, whether they are true or not are becoming increasingly popular. If treatment falls below the accepted standard of practice resulting in injury or death to a patient, it is highly likely that a financial claim will be made. Being a healthcare professional you’ll be well aware of the increasing frequency of legal action being taken.

A professional indemnity insurance policy will not respond to claims for bodily injury, and a public liability policy will not respond to claims arising from advice; this is why it is essential for medical professionals to have valid medical indemnity cover as it bridges the gap between the two cover types.

Legal liability can arise from mental injury, bodily injury, illness, disease or death that has be caused by someone who has committed a neglectful act, error or emission or a “good samaritan” act.  This highlights the need to find the best cover for you at the right price.

Professional Insurance Agents has a strong knowledge of the often complex medical insurance needs of healthcare professionals and can safeguard against the following:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Error or Emission
  • Neglect
  • Good Samaritan Acts
  • Bodily injury
  • Loss / Damage of tangible property
  • Mental injury
  • Duty of care

We can provide online quotations for many different medical professionals and our policies provide cover against allegations or claims of professional negligence and can also provide protection for different professions such as deep tissue massage, herbalists and behavior therapists. If you are unlucky enough to have an unsatisfied client then you are likely to be dealing with a claim in the near future. It only takes the one client to issue a claim against you and without sufficient medical indemnity insurance you could lose your business as well as your family home, car and other assets. If you are found liable you are ordered to pay for the legal costs and the damages awarded to any third parties, just because you are uninsured doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay out.

To get online quotes fill out our online quote form and compare insurance quotes instantly. For more complex covers we offer a full brokering service which is a simple proposal form that you can download here and either email, fax or post it back to us once complete.

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