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Frequently asked questions

  • Medical malpractice insurance FAQI may be carrying out treatment in places other than my medical practice, will I be insured?

Yes, with our cover you will be insured to treat anywhere in the UK. It is not necessary to inform the insurers of every place you will be practicing, but they do need to know the primary and secondary address of where you carryout the highest percentage of work.

  • Will I be insured if i go on holiday and i carry out treatment on somebody?

You are insured whilst treating anywhere in the United Kingdom. however, if you do go abroad to visit a different practice and work you should advise up prior to leaving. In these circumstances it is usually possible to arrange a policy extension. Please note that it is not possible to arrange extensions in North America or any other US territories due to the blanket exclusion of the area.

  • Does my insurance cover someone who is on a work experience placement?
No, your cover only protects you against claims by a customer or patient that are in your care. If you are a Clinic Proprietor, Employers Liability Insurance cover is provided under your clinic or surgery policy.
  • Does my insurance cover students that are on supervised training?
Yes they will be covered as long as they are practicing as part of training approved by their college. A student must not carry out treatment without supervision. Any procedure or treatment carried out will be on your patients as long as the student is working under your care and direct supervision. You personally will be responsible for everything they do. You must ensure the student is competent in any technique you ask them to carry out by verifying  this with the college.
  • If i’m qualified in a different field of therapy, can it be added to my policy or do I have to take out separate insurance for this?

Nearly any therapy with structured training can be added onto your current insurance policy. If the additional therapy type falls under a higher risk category then there will be an additional charge. If it falls into an equal or lower risk category then this will incur no extra cost. You will need to do is forward your proof of qualification to us. Most colleges and training establishments will have already registered their courses with us, but if they have not, we will send a copy of the course curriculum to the insurers for their approval before cover is able to be provided. If you are considering training in another therapy we suggest that you ask first and if necessary, send us a copy of the curriculum so that it can be forwarded to the insurers for approval before you start.


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